Greeting Card Messages for Wedding Day Cards

Wedding Season is fast approaching,  …. are you searching for that special card ….. do you want to personalise it, but are not sure what to write?? Here at The Perfect Card Company we specialise in handmade personalised cards. Over the years we have printed a huge variety of messages – lots of Congratulations on your Special Day ….. but if you are looking for something a little bit different then what about these messages:

Marriage isn’t about the number of breaths you take, it’s about the moments that take your breath away.

Love one another and you will be happy. 
It’s as simple and as difficult as that.

Love isn’t about being perfect – it’s about being perfect for each other.

Here’s to love, laughter and happily ever after!!!

Today dear daughter, as you walk down the aisle,
You’ll see all the faces wearing a smile.
But as we remember those young tender years
Our smiles will conceal a few hidden tears.
It isn’t through sadness, our emotions just whirl
As we’re both thinking back to our dear little girl.

(lovely wedding verse for your daughter on her wedding day.)

May this special day you share, 
be filled with love & laughter 
& may all the days ahead, 
be happy ever after.

The greatest thing you will ever learn is to love and be loved in return …..

Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Live like it’s Heaven on Earth. A dream that is dreamed by two, will always come true. 

Just remember “the most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or touched …….. they are felt with the heart”

Today, tomorrow, and every day after…wishing you a marriage filled with love and laughter.

They look great in our handmade, personalised wedding day cards………


Become a Mumpreneur!

Ok so what do you think of the word mumpreneur?? It’s a word that I can’t decide if a) I am or b) want to define myself as!!

In the true sense of the word I guess i am a mumpreneur! I have 3 children and I run my own business ….. but should the mum bit have to define me???

I started up my home based business nearly 9yrs ago when I was on maternity leave with my now nearly 10 yr old son! Recently I stumbled across an email course called Become a Mumpreneur ….. and although I already had an established business decided to enrol and see what it was all about….. the lessons are delivered to your inbox in bite sized chunks so you can progress at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed by the volume of information. The most interesting concept I have discovered is multiple income streams ….. and my head is buzzing with different ways that I can move my business forward.

Since starting this course my view on the word “Mumpreneur” has changed. I’ve just read a blog from and I’d like to quote her definition as it’s the first time I’ve liked the sound of Mumpreneur….. she suggests the word sounds “fun, friendly and achievable. It suggests that being a mum comes first and the ‘preneur comes a close second.”  I agree with her – the reason that I work from home in the first place is because of my 3 kids (9yrs, 5yrs and 2yrs) so yes I’m proud to be a mumpreneur!

Business Opportunity

Phoenix Trading – Greeting Cards, Wrap & Gifts

Have you ever thought about running your own business? Want hours that fit in around all your other commitments? Looking to earn some extra cash or want to make a profitable business? No targets, no pressure to sell…… and now a lower cost set up….


For £30.00 (was £45.00) you are instantly in business!

Who are Phoenix Trading?

They are the world’s number one direct selling greeting card and stationery company. They sell stunning greeting cards all made in the UK, quality cards at affordable prices. 10 greeting cards cost just £12.00. All their products can be viewed here. 

What is the Job Description?

You will need to sell their gorgeous cards, wrap and gifts to your friends, family, by party plan and on a stall at local fete’s and fairs. The amount of time you put into your business is entirely up to you, but obviously the more hours you invest the more profit you should make. There is no enforced time commitments, it is your business to promote with full support from your team leader.

How much can I earn?

This total depends on you. Could be Christmas pocket money….. or a full-time wage or something in between. All Traders earn an immediate profit from sales of product to customers. You purchase products directly from Phoenix Trading at a discount of 30% off the customer price. This gives you an excellent initial mark-up of 43% on the wholesale price. Plus there is also a bonus structure in place.

What experience do I need?

None – just lots of enthusiasm and enjoying meeting new people helps!

So how do I join? That is even easier than before just sign up online by following this link don’t forget to drop me a line to let me know you have applied so that I can offer you full support right from the word go!

Please click here to view all products that you will receive when you sign up to become a Phoenix Independent Trader:

Phoenix Trading Instantly in Business Kit

Look forward to working with you soon

Emma x

Statutory Notice
Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.

Wedding Invite Wording – Common mistakes to avoid – Part One

Right so you’ve chosen your Wedding Invitations and you are feeling pleased you can tick a big job off the wedding list!! But what to write inside…….. this post from The Perfect Card Company aims to guide you through the essentials of wedding invite wording and help you avoid the common errors that can occur!

With today’s modern families and complex family structures it is no wonder that choosing the right wording becomes a big headache… gone are the days for many when the bride’s family hosts the wedding and therefore sends out the invitations. Instead, today’s invitations may be sent from the couple themselves or from one or more of the parents (who may be divorced, remarried, widowed, etc.). So choosing the wording becomes an etiquette minefield!

However if you remember the four W’s you can’t go wrong!

WHO –  Who is getting married!

WHAT – What are you inviting them to ie ceremony or evening reception

WHEN – Date & Time of Wedding

WHERE – Wedding Venue

Styles of wedding invite wording has also changed, and no longer are you limited to a formal style. Couples are now choosing much relaxed wording and some are even adding poems as they express their creativity.

But first let me show you the ultimate standard insert wording from which you can amend and change to suit your exact requirements!

Bride’s Parents/ Formal

 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jones

request the pleasure of the company of



at the marriage of their daughter

Emma Louise


Mr Richard Patrick Davies

at St James’s Church, Tudeley

on Saturday 17th August, 2011

at two o’clock

and afterwards at

The Manor House, Tunbridge Wells.

RSVP by 14th May 2011

The Old Post Office

18 Church Road

Tunbridge Wells


If you have found this blog useful please comment below and don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss part 2 – which will be looking at how to word invites when your parents have separated and or remarried.

8 Reasons why you should buy greeting cards from The Perfect Card Company……

Our new web site launched on the 27th January 2011 and we haven’t looked back since! Huge thank you to all our customers who have taken the time to review our products and for the great feedback we have received – thumbs up at PCC Towers :0) 

Please read a selection of the fab feedback we received in February –

“Wonderful cards! I have purchased many of these and they are always greatly received too. I too was lucky enough to receive one and was so pleased to be on the other end of the order. Very special cards, perfect for a special occasion or otherwise. Gorgeous cards which are very hard to beat!”

Laura L

“Bought one of these last year for my brother in law – Fantastically well made – They have now framed it as a keepsake so they were obviously please with it too!!  Also the service I got from Emma was second to none!  Highly recommend!”


“Am so pleased I stumbled across Emma’s website. Any excuse to order one of these fantastic cards. They are so personal and everyone i’ve given them to has loved them. Thank you!”


“I ordered this for my baby girls first birthday and it is absolutely delightful, something we will keep forever for her. If you love sparkle you will adore this card and it even comes in its own little box! The brilliant service and prompt delivery was first class, will certainly be buying more! Thanks again! x”


“I have bought a couple of these Blossom boxes in both the pink & blue & the recipients have loved them. The sizing is great too as it gives a couple of months to enjoy the ‘flowers’ before needing to use the clothes.  The ordering is simple & delivery is very quick.”


“I bought this style card for my sister and took it to Las Vegas with me. I gave it to her on her wedding morning and it made her cry!!!! She didn’t have another card with her married name on!  She loved it so much she ordered Thank you cards through Emma and I ordered my sister a keepsake box in the same style as an after wedding present!! But it didn’t end there- my sister ordered 2 photo albums!! Can safely say it went down well! Just waiting for “First Baby” now…!!”


“I wanted a unique wedding card to give to our best friends that are getting married this weekend….this card was just what I was looking for!! I had previously ordered a couple of the baby name cards for friends from Emma and they were all perfect so I knew I couldn’t go wrong with this one!! I have also ordered the keepsake box to match this card and i’m sure they’ll love it!!
I will definitely be placing some more orders soon!!”

Vicki N

“As always your products are beautifully made and are of top quality.
I would not look anywhere else for cards.
Have been a customer of yours for many years and will continue to be. Thank you so very much.”


thanks everyone – look forward to hearing more of your comments

Emma x

Three by Nine

I’ve been tagged by Become A Mumpreneur

Three names I go by: Mum (by Tom, Abbie & Ruby), Emma or Emm (by everyone else) oh and hubby has a couple of pet names for me ;0)

Three places I’ve lived: England, Australia and Zambia!

Three places I’ve worked
: As a Paediatric Nurse, self-employed at The Perfect Card Company (still here!) and on a Catamaran off the East Coast of Australia!!

Three things I love to watch
: The Apprentice (It must be back soon), Silk and The X Factor

Three places I have been & love
: Antigua (where I got married!), Australia (where I backpacked for a year) and any mediterranean island as long as the sun is shining and I’m with the family :0)

Three people that email me regularly
: My regular customers (usually because they need to order a card urgently and have left it late!!), PayPal (I love emails from PayPal as they are usually orders!) and BAM.

Three things I love to eat: Greek Salad, Cupcakes and Roast Dinner! (But not all together!!)

Three people I think will respond: Not sure maybe Emma B

Three things I am looking forward to: My Sister visiting for a month from New Zealand, our summer holiday (although I still need to book it – yikes hope I’m not too late) and a night out with my hubby to celebrate our wedding anniversary 

I’d love to read a “three by nine”  post by: Mumsbusinessdirectory

8 ways to impress your Mum on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming around fast (April 3rd) ….. so here at The Perfect Card Company we thought we’d concentrate on showcasing some lovely gifts you may wish to buy your mum!

`1) Chocolates! Say it with Chocolate is an excellent company specialising in personalised chocolates ideal for mother’s day why not personalise the wrapper with a photo and message! Delicious Belgian recipe Hand-Wrapped quality chocolate bars to create a ‘WOW’ for Mother’s Day.

2) Personalised Mother’s Day Card.  Personalised Mother's Day Card

Pretty glitter card letters spelling out Mummy are raised on sticky pads with tag printed with “Happy Mother’s Day!” however you can personalised the message to your exact requirement eg “You are the best Mummy in the World!” The tag is attached by a strip of intricately beaded wire.

Card measures 144 x 144mm and comes with white box and tissue paper.

There are several designs to choose from but most importantly all can be personalised inside and out to make the card a unique gift to treasure for ever.

These mother’s day cards are only available at The Perfect Card Company.

3) One of my favourite shops is Not on the high street . com and not surprising they have some fab mother’s day gifts If you are new to then I would strongly recommend you take a look. It is a great website for finding unique and handmade products that you would sometimes find in cool urban markets and village fairs!

4) Flowers – I love spring flowers and see that M&S have a tulip bouquet at £25.00 however I would be just as happy if the kids nipped into the local supermarket and bought a couple of bunches of daffodils – then hand tied them with a pretty ribbon – see an example of a bunch I made up for my mum last year!


5) Wooden Hearts – I met the lady who makes these at a mums in Business meeting  – her company is Painted with Love and I’d recommend taking a look at her lovely mother’s day handpainted hearts – I really love the personalised arabic calligraphy wooden hearts.

6) If your mum is an avid gardener then she will love this gardening organiser box Sturdy, rigid box with wipe-clean surface and a side drawer for pen and jotter pad etc. Includes 15 dividers – great place to store seeds and only £15.00!!

7) Personalised Photo Album – Glitzy Glitter letters spelling out MUM or MUMMY with a tag printed “with lots of Love from…[child’s name(s)]” Fill the album with loads of photo’s so your mum can put up her feet and take a trip down memory lane!

8) Finally all those handmade gifts that the kids make from scratch! The beautiful hand drawn pictures & scribbles and handpicked garden flowers …. and if you are stuck for ideas my son with a little help from his little sister made me a hama bead heart (he even asked me to iron it – without looking!!!) It still has pride of place on the windowsill of my bedroom…… Hama Bead Heart - Mother'd Day Gift from my son 2010

I’d love to hear what you do for your mum on Mother’s Day – please leave a comment below.

Emma x

The joy of working from home on a sunny spring day! It could be YOU!

Today was one of those days when I remembered exactly why I gave up the 9 -5 and became self-employed!

A perfect English Spring Day and one not to be missed….. so with great delight I took my work from the upstairs office (not much sunshine) and into my very sunny dining room (lots and lots of sunshine) and set up camp for the afternoon! I had the sun rays warming my skin and an open window allowing a spring breeze in!

Joy of working from home on a spring day!

Heaven! I could see my garden budding up into life and had my daffodils in my sights…….

Spring Day March 2011

Why I gave up the 9 - 5!

A very productive afternoon – one wedding order lovingly made and finished and one relaxed mumpreneur! ready to tackle the school run!

Red Nose Day – ways to raise money for comic relief.

With Red Nose Day fast approaching (18th March 2011) I have wracked my brains to think of a way to raise some money for this great cause. I’m no stand up comic….. so doing something funny to make someone laugh is probably not going to work for me!!!!

However what I do is sell quality greeting cards that everyone needs and loves….. so it makes sense to combine what I do well with raising money for RND…

So for the WHOLE month of MARCH I will donate 10% of the value of all orders that are placed through my Phoenix Card Trading Website – what a great time to stock up and be organised, in the knowledge that 10% of your order total will be donated to Comic Relief.

I will update you later as to how much I raise.


Emma x

Phoenix Cards – New March Releases!

When my son pinched my arm this morning….. I remembered it was the first of March!! He always beats me to it!! (Probably because he doesn’t need a cup of coffee to get moving in the morning!!)

And for followers of Phoenix Cards – the 1st of March brings lots of exciting news!


Number one we have the launch of lots of lovely new designs – 57 new products in total and 6 new designers! I really like the look of the Union Jack Card think I’ll definitely be buying this one! Very Shabby Chic … and I love it! Don’t forget Cost per card is only £1.20 each when you buy 10 or more…..

Secondly and probably most importantly (if you are thinking of starting your own business) the cost of having your own Phoenix Card business has gone DOWN! Yes that’s right the price has reduced from £45.00 to £30.00!! When everything is going up in price you can start up your own greeting card business and be instantly in business for just £30.00! Plus with the new online registration process you can literally be a fully fledged Independent Phoenix Trader by close of business next working day!

If you are interested in joining my team please comment below and I’ll get in touch and send you an info pack.


Emma x

Statutory Notice
Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.